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Do You Love Me lyrics


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     Do You Love Me
    >> Nirvana
        You really like my limousine
    You like the way the wheels roll
    You like my seven inch leather heels
    And goin' to all of the shows
    Do you love me?
    Really love me?
    Do you love me?
    You like the credit cards and private planes
    Money can really take you far
    You like the hotels and fancy clothes
    And the sound of electric guitars
    You really like rock 'n' roll
    All of the fame and the masquerade
    You like the concerts and studios
    And all the moeny honey that I make
    Your backstage pass and black sunglasses
    Make you look just like a queen
    Even the fans they know your face
    From all of the magazines
    Yes I want to know...Yes I want to know...Because I've been
    really trying to tell you...that...what I'm trying to
    what I'm trying to tell you...and what I'm trying to tell you is
    that I don't know...because I don't know what I'm trying to say,
    and what I'm trying to say is that I don't know what I'm trying
    to tell you...and I don't know what I'm trying to tell you,
    because I don't say what I'm trying to know...because I'm trying
    to tell you, but I don't know what to say...because I'm trying
    to tell you, because I don't know...what I'm trying to say...and
    what I'm saying is that knowing is saying, and I'm trying to
    tell you this...because telling is knowing...I'm telling you
    what I'm saying...knowing...knowing and telling is saying,
    because a saying is...a saying is knowing, and talking...and I
    don't know, and I don't say, and I don't tell...and I don't...I
    don't tell?
    Turn it off! (background, many times)
    Fucking turn it off...turn it off
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